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Komatsu PC8000 Hydraulic Mining Shovel Official General Assembly Procedure Manual

Komatsu PC8000 Hydraulic Mining Shovel Official General Assembly Procedure Manual

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Komatsu PC8000 Hydraulic Mining Shovel Official General Assembly Procedure Manual

The Best  PDF Manuals Online Includes : Bookmarks + Searchable Text + Index = Fast Navigation And Best Organization ! 

This is the COMPLETE Official General Assembly Procedure Manual for the Komatsu Hydraulic Mining Shovel.

This manual describes how to assemble the units into the complete
It's contains information and data to this model. has specs, diagrams, and actual real photo illustrations, and schemes.

This PDF file is Bookmarked and SEARCHABLE to make what you need easy to find. 

This General Assembly Procedure manual provides you with everything you need to know in order to assembly your machine safely and effectively. Step-by-step assembly procedure, parts installation, adjustment and maintenance procedure after completion of assembly.
Diagrams are provided with the listings to aid the service technician in identifying clearly the parts that need to be ordered.

Models And Serials :

 All Years & Serials Covered 


1. Mounting of Crawler Segments to the Side Frame 23
2. Assembly of undercarriage 25
3. Assembly of Cable Reel Unit 27
4. Mounting of final drives / Closing the tracks 31
5. Mounting of auxiliary weight at the undercarriage 33
6. Mounting of slew ring underneath the superstructure platform 35
7. Assembly of superstructure platform onto the undercarriage 37
7.1 Rotary distributor 39
8. Assembly of the prime drive unit to the superstructure platform 43
8.1 Overview drive unit 45
8.2 Electric drive: Direction of motor rotation; mounting the coupling 47
9. Preassembly boom- and stick cylinders to the boom (Bullclam Bucket) 49
9.1 Preassembly boom- and stick cylinders to the boom (Backhoe) 51
10. Mounting of boom 53
11. Mounting of counterweight 55
12. Mounting of fuel tank or main switch cabinet for electrically driven unit 57
13. Mounting of cab support 59
13.1 Mounting of Cable transfer 61
13.2 Mounting of front cover 63
14. Mounting of Operators Cab 67
14.1 Mounting of the cab air cleaner (cub support to cab) 69
15. Mounting of hydraulic oil tank 71
16. Mounting of the hydraulic coolers 75
17. Mounting handrails, cat walks, steps, stairs and ladders 79
18. Mounting of Hydraulic access Ladder 81
19. Installation of Muffler assy. and Cover 83
20. Installation of Air Filters 89
21. Installation of auxiliary Crane, Generator Set and Lubrication Stations 93
22. Connection of the cable harnesses to the X – boards 95
23. Installation of hose connections on the hydraulic tank and -cooler 103
23.1 Installation of hose connections on Auxiliary Hydraulic oil Cooler 107
24. Installation of HP hoses in between HP filters and main valve blocks 109
25. Mounting of Bucket Cylinders to the boom 113
26. Mounting of Stick 115
26.1 Mounting of Stick backhoe attachment 117
27. Installation of Hose connections to the Boom 121
28. Filling up hydraulic tank 123
28.1 Filling up fuel tank 125
29. Pre-checks prior first engine start 127
30. Mounting of Stick Cylinders to the Stick 131
31. Mounting of the pin seals (Bullclam Bucket) 133
31.1 Mounting of the pin seals (Backhoe) 135
32. Assembly of bullclam bucket to the stick 139
32.1 Assembly of backhoe to the stick 143
33. Assembling and testing the Fire Detection, Actuation and Suppression System 145
34. Checks and Adjustments Prior Commissioning 151

File Format: PDF 
Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac 
Language: English 
Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader & WinZip 


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