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SCANIIA SOPS File Encryptor/Decryptor + XML Editor Best & Latest Version !

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SCANIIA SOPS File Encryptor/Decryptor + XML Editor Latest & FULL Version !

Scania SOPS File Encryptor/Decryptor helps to convert Scania SOPS files to editable XML files and convert them back after editing to SOPS file format.

  • Download with SDP3 from truck SOPS export file; 
  • Decrypt SOPS export file to XML format; 
  • Edit XML file with Included XML editor; 
  • Modify more than 300 parameters, like AdBlue, EGR, NOx Control, see whole list; 
  • Encrypt XML file to SOPS import; 
  • Upload SOPS import file to truck with SDP3; 
  • Support Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7; 


Disable Adblue 
Disable EGR 
Disable Immobiliser 
Disable VIN 
Disable Nox Control 
Disable Torque Reduction NOx Control 
Disable Modify more than 300 other paramter 
and so on

Scania SOPS File Parameter List 
ACC PartNo 
ACS PartNo 
Air pipe flow area 
Air tank front 
Air tank rear 
Air tank volume 
Air tank volume, extra 
Alternator charge 
APS PartNo 
BCS part no 
BMS PartNo 
COO PartNo 
Coolant target temperature 
Coolant temperature high level 
Coolant temperature high level 
DIS PartNo 
EMS PartNo 
EMS system partnumber 
Engine rev 
Exhaust Emission Ctrl part no 
Fan, gear ratio 
Fifth wheel position 
Fuel volume 
Fuel volume, left side 
Fuel volume, right side 
GMS PartNo 
High idle speed offset 
ICL PartNo 
LAS PartNo 
LDW partNo 
Low idle speed 
Max acceleration at 0 km/h 
Max acceleration at 90 km/h 
Oil level ind 
Rear axle ratio 
RET PartNo 
Speed limit second 
SpeedLimit EOL 
TCO PartNo 
Temp limit shut off 
Temp limit torque reduction 
Tyre rolling circumference 
TPM partno 
Transmission sensor constant 
VIS PartNo 
Wheel config final for EOL 
0.8bar location 
ABS/EBS System 
AC press sensor 
Acceleration limiter 
ACS environment 
ACS Gateway 
Adaptive cruise 
AdBlue tank 
ADR Designation 
Air conditioning 
Air filter clogged indicator. 
Air intake 
Air processing system environment 
Air spring cont 
Air tank front 
Air tank rear 
Air tank volume, extra 
Airbag in steering wheel 
All wheel drive system 
An engine protection function 
Anti theft remote 
APS cold mode parameter 
APS pressure level 
Autom. hill hold 
Automatic climate control system environment 
Auxiliary heating 
Axle load disp 
BCS Environment 
Blackout lighting 
Bodybuilder information in ICL 
Brake category 
Bus stop brake 
Bus stop brake activation speed 
Bus stop emergency brake 
C-lock + alarm 
Cab floor type 
Cab length 
Cab special adaptation 
Cab type 
CAN controlled starter motor 
CC Display 
Chassis adaptation 
Chassis class 
Chassis front end width 
Climate system control 
Clutch overload warning 
Clutch System 
Clutch slip 
Clutch wear measuring 
Clutch wear protection 
Collision warning 
Compressor extra 
Compressor man 
Compressor ratio 
Controlled acceleration 
COO environment 
Cool req prot 
Coolant pump flow 
Coolant target temperature 
Coolant temperature high level 
Cooling package 
Country code according to ISO 
Crankcase vent. 
Cruise Control Protocol 
Cruise control switches 
Daytime running light 
Daytime running light function 
DAS system 
Defr fan rpm 
Diff. Lock 
Differential lock control 
Direction indicator activation 
Direction indicator sound 
DIS environment 
DIS position 
DIS system 
Downhill speed controle switch 
DPF active regeneration control. 
DPF aktiv regenerering 
DPF exh gas temperature sensor 
DPF exhaust flow type 
DPF particulate filter 
Droop setting all speed engine 
Ecocruise Generation 
Ecocruise max speed 
EGR System 
Emergency stop 
Emission level 
EMS environment 
Eng stroke vol 
Engine location on buses 
Engine management system 
Engine PTO-ED Control 
Engine reaction to high coolant temp. 
Engine reaction with low coolant level 
Engine reactionto defect accelerator pedal 
Engine rev 
Engine stop request 
Engine type 
Exhaust brake 
Exhaust brake control 
Exhaust Emission Control 
Ext L storage c 
External storage compartment 
Extra AC 
Fan control 
Fan hub solenoid frequency 
Fan, driving 
Fan, gear ratio 
Fast air regeneration 
FMS interactor 
FMS prep 
FMS System 
Fog Lamp Front 
Front wh drive 
Fuel level sen 
Fuel volume 
Gear box type 
Gear shift ctrl 
Gear shift prog ZF aut 
Gearbox management system 
Gearbox management system environment 
Gearbox max input torque/ratio 
Gearbox PTO-EK Control 
Guard/sensor coolant level 
Headlamp cleaning 
Headlamp type 
High (APS) air consumption mode 
High charge temp reaction 
High idle speed offset 
High-mounted headlamp control 
Hybrid management system 
How the engine shall react due to low oil pressure 
How the engine shall react on the accelerator pedal 
HVAC ov.fl valv 
HVAC system 
HVAC water valv 
ICL environment 
If an accelerator pedal without safety switch is used or not 
Indoor temperature display 
Instrument cluster 
Instrument panel 
Interactive driver training 
Kick down sign. 
LDW environment 
LDW signal type 
Level stand-by 
Load sens valve 
Load sensing 
Load transf. ma 
Load transfer 
Locking and alarm system environment 
Max acceleration at 0 km/h 
Neutral Position Sensor 
NOx Control 
NOx sensor type downstream 
NOx sensor type upstream 
NOx sensor upstream 
Number of alternatiors 
ODB temp 
Oil cooling for gearbox 
Oil level sens 
Oil level sensor monitoring 
Oil temperature sensor gearbox. 
OPC shift brake 
Outdoor temperature sensor 2nd 
P-brake warning 
Parked vehicle guide light 
Particle trap 
Passenger door position 
Power shift program 
Preparation for wheel config 
Product class 
PTO - GMS communication version. 
PTO AWD prep 
PTO ED prep 
PTO EG3 Control 
PTO split prep 
PTO total amount 
PTO-EG Conf 
Range/Split solenoid ctr type 
Rear axle 
Rear axle gear ratio 
Rear wheel steering manag.syst 
Refrigerant EGR cooler 
Refrigerant o.c 
Retarder control device 
Retarder System 
Retarder system environment 
Reverse speed 
Roof hatch 
Roof height 
Safety belt reminder 
SCR exh gas temperature sensor 
SCR heating system 
SCR red el hose heater output1 
SCR red el hose heater output2 
SCR red el hose heater output3 
SCR red el hose heater output4 
Security central locking 
Selective Catalytic Reduction 
Service indicat 
Speed lim.third 
Speed sign ampl 
SpeedLimit EOL 
Steering system 
Steering wheel position 
Steering wheel switches gen. 
Tachograph system 
Tag axle, behind 
TCO environment 
Type of order 
Torque converter 
Torque converter 
Torque reduction NOx control 
Tot .rais.lower. 
TPM 1st axle 
TPM 4th axle 
TPM envrionment 
Trailer brake coupling 
Trailer hand control valve 
Transfer gear case 
Transmission sensor constant 
Variable idling 
Variable volt 
VIS environment 
Wheel assy rear 
Wheel brake 
Wheel config. EOL 
Wheel mo tag ax 
White smoke limiter 
WIFS Water in fuel sensor


We Are Offering Full Teamview Support ,
We will Connect To your Pc 
To Install & Activate The Software For you !!


Product Details :

Region:   All regions

Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese,Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.

O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8
CPU: Pentium/Athlon 800 MHz or higher
RAM: 256 MB of system memory
Hard Drive: 10 MB of available space


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