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International Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) 2019 Diagnostic Software - Level3 - All Parametres & Options Enabled

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Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) 2019 
Level3 - All Parametres & Options Enabled !
Engineering Version !

Online installation Service Included !!
International DLB 2019 - God mode level opened!

DLB Fleet is used to diagnose the electrical system on The Industry's First High Performance Trucks.

No Need Internet ! No Need Dealer Account ! Engineering Level !

The Industry's First High Performance Trucks have a wide range of diagnostic capabilities.
To properly diagnosis these failures, please follow the instructions outlined in this and other Internationals manuals.

The DLB Fleet software provides the capabilities to:

  •  Read and display numerous vehicle parameters in both graphical and textual format.
  •      Read and display vehicle diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Read and display electronic system controller ID information.
  • Provide detailed diagnostic information on specific trouble code service.
  •     Provide snapshots.
  •     Provide a mechanism to play back snapshot recordings.

Recommended Adapters:

  • NEXIQ™ Technologies – USB-Link2
  • Dearborn Group Technologies – DPA 5
  • Noregon® Systems, Inc. – DLA+, DLA+ Wireless

Communication Link Drivers:

  • DLB uses standard RP1210A drivers for communication. The drivers are specific to the communications device and are not installed with DLB.

User Permissions:

Diamond Logic Builder has different tiered permission levels allowing for more advanced use of the software.

  • Level 1 (Diagnostics) –  L1 is included with active product key.
  • Level 2 (Diagnostics and Parameter Programming) – L2 access requires completion of web based training for each user.
  • Level 3 (Diagnostics, Parameter Programming and Advanced Logic) –  L3 access requires completion of Instructor Led training for each user.


We Are Offering Full Teamview Support ,
We will Connect To your Pc 
And Install The Software For you !


Product Details :

Region:   Worldwide
 Languages:   English
 OS:    Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows Xp, WinJapan,
 Date of update:  



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