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Ford Dealer Account For Rent Include PATS Professional Technician System 2023

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Genuine Ford Dealer Account For Rent Include PATS Profession Technician System 2023
Support All Models Of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles
Not Include Software Like IDS And Etc, Only Login For 4 Hours  .
Ford Delaer Account's Feature:

+ Login FDRS software in the delaer mode
+ Login IDS and FJDS software when the software requires internet connection to the server
+ Login PTS Professional Technician System
+ Login to use PATS function (Programing ECU, Programing Keys, Parameter reset,...)

What is Ford account login for PTS (Profession Technician System)?

Ford account login for PTS (Professional Technician System) is the website of the Ford factory. It was created to assist technicians in looking up by providing wiring diagrams, location, connector viewer, Workshop manual, etc. That will help technicians to solve vehicle problems. quickly and accurately.

Ford PTS (Profession Technician System) Futures:

+ Workshop Manual
+ Wiring Diagram
+ Connector Viewer
+ Location
+ As-built
+ Removal/Installation
+ DTG Guide
+ Owner's Manual
+ Service Tips


 !!!! Warning !!!
We offer a service where you can rent an account login tailored to your specific needs. Here are some key details about our service:

+ Once you log in, you can use the account continuously for over 4 hours. The account will automatically log out if you close the software or turn off your computer.

+Please note that we only provide account rental service and do not participate in any programming or car repair work. Therefore, we will not be held responsible for any car repair tasks you may undertake.

+Lastly, please be aware that each time you request us to log in, a fee will be applied for the account rental service.


Product Details :

Operating System:

Windows 11 32 bit (x86) - Windows 11 64 bit (x64)
Windows 10 32 bit (x86) - Windows 10 64 bit (x64)

Date of update: 07/2023

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