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Yale Hyster PC Service Tool v 5.2 Diagnostic Kit - Ifak CAN USB Interface & Latest Software 2023

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Yale Hyster PC Service Tool v 5.2 Diagnostic Kit 
Ifak CAN USB Interface & Latest Software 2023
Online Installation Service !

  • Both Software Include - Yale 5.2 Version 2023 - Hyster 5.2 Version 2023 
  • Best tool that can work on both Hyster And Yale , No Need 2 Tools !
  • High Access Level License
  • 1 Year Warranty On ALL Software & Hardware !

Yale Hyster PC Service Tool is a Windows based service application that is used to communicate with the truck’s internal control systems. It can be used to monitor the status and condition of the various subsystems running within the truck. With this capability, PC Service Tool can be used to monitor component operation, or determine if abnormal events have occurred in the truck, and assist with their diagnosis and correction.
The purpose of this guide is to describe the PC Service Tool, which accesses the truck’s internal communications network via various CAN adapters. The tool works with the range of Hyster® ICE and Electric Rider trucks. It is also compatible with the newest Electric Warehouse products.

Yale PC Service Tool  Ifak CAN USB Interface 

1 ) Fault Monitor. 
2 ) Truck Information Screen. 
3 ) Diagnostic Data Monitor. 
4 ) Custom Data Monitor. 
5 ) Impact Events. 
6 ) Databus Viewer. 
7 ) Strip Chart. 
8 ) Record & Playback. 
9 ) Diagnostic Reports. 
10) Register & launch 3rd party applications. 
11) Access support web site. 
12) Truck Setup. 
13) Truck Password Management. 
14) Operator Checklist. 
15) Truck Programming. 
16) Language Management. 
17) On-line Help. 
18) Troubleshooting manual. (not included in the application)
19) Calibration Data Retrieval.


Supported models (First 4 digits of the Serial numbers )            
YALE    YALE    Hyster       HYSTER
A245    B967    A099    B274
A249    B974    A169    B299
A255    B979    A185    B978
A283    C809    A244    C230
A284    C845        C219
    C852        C230
    C854        C299
    C855        C440
    C856        C441
    C810        C449
    C875        C450
    C878        C456
    C879        D230
    C883        D456
A372    C889    A254    D476
A390    C896    A267    C476
A428    C920    A268    C477
A431    C902    A269    D024
A473        A274    D203
A474    C909    A276    D264
A485    C910    A280    D435
A496    C903    A282    D439
A497    D801    A290    E010
A909    D809    A297    E024
A910    D810    A299    E174
A938    D843    A373    E438
A942    D849    A380    E444
A947    D852    A418    E470
A955    D861        F001
A967    D878    A419    F010
A968    D879    A421    F024
A969    D896    A427    F187
A974    D902    A432    G001
A975    E815    A429    G004
A976    E818    A472    G024
A985    E826    A935    G187
A997    E842    A937    H004
B287    E857    A970    H006
B292    E878    A977    H118
    F813        H187
    F818        J004
B295    F878    B219    J006
    F879        K006
B883    G807    B257    K160
    G813        L006
B888    G818    B262    L177
B909    H813    B265    N005
B910    J813    B267    N177
    K813        P005


Computer requests :

1 .NET framework v4.0 . 

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or higher 

3. Opration system : vindows vista 32 bit , windows 7 32bit or 64bit,  windows 10 


Product Details :

Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic software
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, windows 10 , Windows 11


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