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ORIGINAL Cummings INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter Diagnostic Kit - Full Kit With site 8.7 Diagnostic Program- Latest 2021 !

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Cummings INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter Diagnostic Kit
Full Kit With site 8.7 Diagnostic Program
Online Installation & Support Service Included !
Pro License & Ecm Password Removal ZAP -IT + Fleet Calibration !
INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter Kit - Cummings Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Scanner Full Set !
Free DHL Express Worldwide Shipping ! 

Cummings new INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter has a faster processor, more robust algorithms, larger memory buffers and more sophisticated filtering than previous models while simultaneously accessing multiple vehicle data channels. INLINE 7 supports USB, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies in a single device. INLINE 7 communicates with your PC and is designed for future capability with mobile products.

The Cummings INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter is designed to function with a wide array of Cummings, OEM and third-party service and information tools, including the following:

  • Cummings SITE
  • Cummings PowerSpec
  • Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link
  • CAT Electronic Technician (On-Highway only)
  • Navistar® -ServiceMaxx Fleet Pro
  • Volvo PTT
  • VCAD Elite Mack/Volvo
  • V-Mac Service Tools
  • Allison DOC® For PC Service Tool
  • Allison DOC® for Fleets (1000/2000/3000/4000)
  • Eaton ServiceRanger
  • Bendix ACom
  • WABCO Toolbox
  • Freightliner ServiceLink
  • International DLB, Intune, and IPC v2.02
  • International ServiceMaxx
  • PF-Diagnosis
  • and many more!

The Cummings INLINE 7 data link adapter communicates with your PC using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) through a standard USB connector as well as through WiFi or Bluetooth. INLINE 7 is fully compliant with the Technology and Maintenance Council’s RP1210 standard and supports three simultaneous CAN connections and offers baud rates of 250k, 500k and 1 megabaud. INLINE 7 supports several other protocols such as J1708, J1587, ISO 15765, ISO 9141 (K and L line).



1pc x 5299899 INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter 
1pc x 4919781  DB26Pln-OBDll Cable 
1pc x 60000467 USB Cable
1pc x 3165141 DB26/2Pin/3Pin Cable
1pc x 4919780 DB26/9Pin Data Link Cable
1pc x 3163096 3Pin Connector 
1pc x 3163597  3Pin Connector



 • Cummings SITE 8.7 Never Expire
 • Cummings INCAL 2018 DVDs
 • Cummings PowerSpec 6.0


SITE - electronic service diagnostic program that allows you to troubleshoot Cummings electronic engines. You can do all what dealers do with subscriptions included: Basic, Lite, Pro, RSGR (Road Speed Governor Restricted), Industrial / Power Generation Applications, OBD-RSGR, OBD, RSGR Plus, Pro Plus, Fleet Calibration Counts, OEM, ECM Password Removal, ECM Password Removal.

INCAL - DVD which contains the latest revisions of all Cummings ECM Calibrations.

PowerSpec - helps optimize vehicle gearing for a specified load and application. Provides detailed descriptions of Cummings electronic engine features and parameters. Reads engine trip information, fault codes and feature settings from a supported engine. Provides recommended electronic engine feature settings and allow you to change these settings for a supported engine. Provides access to a RoadRelay device (read RoadRelay data, change feature settings and download calibrations).

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